Tuesday, November 17, 2009


PragProWriMo has been even more challenging than I'd feared thanks to my sub-gnat concentration span and memory like a... you know, round thing with holes. While others have been trotting out chapter outlines, finding their voice and defining their readership, I've been shuffling along the beach of irrelevancy and gazing out at the ocean of unfinishedness.

It's amazing / pathetic / pathological (select all that apply) just how intimidating this simple daily writing exercise has become. The main problem has been the notion of a book hovering over the writing. No matter how many times I've told myself to treat the writing as a pump-priming exercise rather than an examination, I haven't been able to shake the anxiety of not "seeing the book" in my mind's eye.

But I will not surrender ! Well, that's not quite true because I did a few days ago, giving up on the whole thing as too hard. Now though, I'm putting the white flag back in the cupboard and making a new start. Rather than imagining the goal as a book I'm going to structure it as a set of short web tutorials.

I wonder if I can count this post ?

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  1. You can count everything you write during the month of November toward PragProWriMo! Why not? I counted the ASCII art I drew inline in my writing because I was too lazy to pull up a drawing program.

    Good luck!